Review: Two Worlds 2

What makes the Two Worlds 2 world turn?

What makes the Two Worlds 2 world turn?

Game: Two Worlds 2
Developed by: Reality Pump
Published by: Topware Interactive
Release date: February 28, 2011

Two Worlds 2 is your bread and butter 3rd person RPG. Created by Polish developer Reality Pump and published by Topware, it stands as the sequel to the first foray into role playing games by a developer who’s meal ticket has previously been real time strategy. According to the official website it offers “A perfect mix of story, atmosphere and technology promises a fascinating new RPG experience.” Ambitious.

I came into this one with pretty high hopes. I’d been in the market for a juicy 3rd person RPG for a time now and though I hadn’t played the first installment in the Two Worlds saga, games aren’t a medium that should require the experience of a prequel to be enjoyed. The screenies I’d seen looked entirely edible, the action looked crisp and exciting and my Steam client reliably informs me that the video game cognoscenti gave the game a solid rating of 76 on metacritic. Differences of opinions are the fuel that keep the world spinning, but surely the collective opinions of such a large body of experts couldn’t steer me very far from the mark could they? Could they?

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