First Post, the law of posting on the internet.

In the spirit of good journalism I feel obliged to make the following statement without doing any research into or having any prior knowlege of the validity of my words. There is a law on the intertubes that states that where there is a space for comment, there someone telling you they are the “first” one to utilize it. I’m not sure what motivates people into enacting this curious phenomenon. If they haven’t figured out that sending a sequence of binary commands to a web server in response to someone else sending a sequence of binary commands to a web server before anyone else could send a sequence of binary commands to a web server will result in exactly zero glory then they’re probably hard pressed finding the power button. Perhaps it is some deeply inbuilt synapse similar to that of a dog urinating on a power pole, learned from the days when letting others know what you owned was a key component in your survival. This is MY part of the internet. MINE!!

While the irony of such a paragraph jumping out at you as the first post of a blog sinks in, I’d just like to say hello, welcome, and I hope you find something interesting to read during your stay. As should be entirely self-evident, this is my blog and I hope it becomes a hub of interesting discussion long into the future.

Now that’s out of the way, we can go on with the show.