About this site

There comes a time in every man’s life when his grumbling rambles no longer impress any innocent bystander unlucky enough to be caught within earshot. When the only choice is to stop complaining to the balls of dust and old warhead wrappers in your bedroom corner and to pit your ideas against those of the world. That time has come for me today, and you dear reader will experience feelings resembling pleasure or disgust depending on my mental disposition at the time of writing.

Like many of you, I play video games. Also like many of you I have thoughts and ideas swirling around about how they’re designed, how they’re adopted by playerbases, how they’re sold and most importantly, how they play. I plan on slopping together all manner of things on this website. From dissections the eternally parlous state of gaming, to ideas on game design, to random shit I’m thinking about something and (last but not least) reviews about games I’ve played.

You’re still here? Heartwarming stuff. Firstly I’d like to establish some ground rules. They’re one part contract with you, and one part memory aid to send me back on track if I’m planning on posting something that really is better left in some back alley of my brain.

The content on this site will be devoted to games. Video games mostly. And although there may be times where the link to games is abstract (you’ve got to belieeeve it’s there man) I won’t give you wafty articles about the helicopter outside my window or the peice of hair I found in my cereal this morning. That alternate reality in which I work, eat, drink, sleep and drive will only be ancillary to more important things like blowing people up or trying to navigate minimaps. The exception to this rule will be housecleaning posts. Stuff like “I’m going away for a couple of weeks and won’t be posting” or “Fuck, they’re at the door but they’ll never take me alive”. That sort of thing.

This blog will be predominantly PC focused. I own a PS3, PsP, Iphone and used to own an Xbox. I game on my PC. Put simply it is the best platform for experiencing every thing the medium has to offer. It has the best hardware, the best input scheme for most game types and the best games I have played have been designed for this platform. I’m not against console gaming on principle, but as I do most of my gaming on a PC it would be silly to promise you much insight into the other side of the coin.

If I review a game I’ve played it enough to believe I have the right to an opinion on it. I’m not going to put a hard number on how many hours for obvious reasons, but I’ll be erring on the side of too much experience. I’ll make it clear in the review if we’re talking about a thorough journalistic appraisal of a game or more of a supermodel at a buffet type picky and choosey type affair.

I’ll try and post regularly, but I don’t do this for money. I have a job, a mortgage, a girlfriend, bills. All of that stuff you don’t want to hear about. If I haven’t posted in a while don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about this place.

I love comments. Criticism of articles or ideas are fine and in fact welcomed. This blog is about self improvement as well as a vehicle for rambling and constructive criticism is helpful. Personal attacks of any kind aren’t and won’t be tolerated. This is the Intertubes in 2011, but it’s also my blog and if you’re being an asshole I’ll delete what you’re shitting.

If you like the content I encourage you to subscribe by clicking on the shiny silver button on the right. Mmmm shiny.  Alternately utilizing RSS functionality in your choice RSS reader works nicely.

That’s pretty much it. Any questions? Yes cherry warhead wrapper in the corner. Why did I nom at your insides? CAUSE YOUR INSIDES ARE LIKE NECTAR SENT FROM CELESTIAL BEINGS!!!


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